Fitting large size plants

Large trees are considered to be above 5 meters. Of course, these trees are much more expensive, but what could be better than a good large tree on the site? There are numerous examples when a single large tree planted in a garden looks much better than dozens of small seedlings. And here you can guess that the price of one and the other option is not much different, but It looks better when large-sized trees are used in design.

By the way, large trees are not only trees, but also shrubs and even grassy plants! Even sapling of lilacs can be a reed that will gain strength and bloom in a few years, or maybe just an adult flowering shrub. Of course, there are situations when garden owners want to observe the growth of plants from a young age. Not always and not everywhere you can plant a large number: sometimes when the desired variety is not on a large scale, or travel to the place of planting is difficult. In this case, the best option would be medium size.

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